The 1850 “Ruskin” Albion Press

Robin Wilson working at the Albion Press in the Wytham Studio in 2018.

The Albion Press belonging to the Wytham Studio was gifted to The Wytham Studio by the University of Oxford’s Ruskin School of Fine Art. ┬áThe Press is a Hopkinson & Cope, No. 2565 from 1850 and has obviously passed through a range of hands before it came to the University. ┬áThe press itself is in perfect working order, regularly used, and located in our Studio in the University’s research woodlands at Wytham, which is located a few minutes drive to the west of Oxford city centre.

Robin Wilson

Robin Wilson is an anthropology researcher at the University of Oxford, where he is also artist-in-residence at the Wytham Studio, a visual research unit he has set up and run at the University research woodlands. As part of his research, he is Director of Oxford University Anagama (Japanese Kilns) Project. Robin is known as a relief linocut printmaker and runs art projects worldwide.
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