Learn Linocut with Robin & Rosie at The Wytham Studio:

A two-day course in linocut intended for complete beginners, comprising everything you need to know about cutting and printing a linocut image at home for yourself using simple tools and inexpensive equipment.

Linocut is an easily acquired yet deeply satisfying skill at its most basic level. However with practice and imagination it can also be extremely subtle and versatile.  On this two day course you will spend the first day learning how to make a single-block black and white image starting with a simple sketch, learning how to use the various chisels and gouges to make marks, textures and patters. Finally you will learn the basics of rolling ink and printing the image that you have carved onto paper.

On the second day, you will build on and apply all of the skills that you learned on the first day to making a reduction-method multicolour linocut image. There are several ways to create colour images.  We will discuss and demonstrate them all, and you will create your own three or four colour picture by carving and re-carving your block, mixing colours and building up the layers until a finished image has been created.

Although this course is designed for complete beginners, we can tailor it to suit your existing skill level should you so desire.

The Course costs £250/person and includes lunch on both days and all tools and materials. Should you have any special dietary needs, please contact Rosie beforehand after booking so that we can accommodate you.

2018 Dates:

February 24th/25th
March 17th/18th
April 21st/22nd
June 9th/10th
July 21st/22nd
September 22nd/23rd
October 13th/14th
November 10th/11th