Scilly Map Project: How…?

diary: Monday 4th february 2019

“We’re currently printing off the Scilly Islands map series. When we’re done there will be fifty copies each of four different maps, each map consisting of three different colour layers.  This means experimenting on, and deciding on eight different background colours (two per map) over which the third black layer for each map is printed last.  This means cutting and registering, mounting, proofing and printing all these layers, then pulling the press 600 times – excluding the proof copies and practice runs, of course.”

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The First Post

I’m sure that anyone who has attempted to write a website has had the same time-consuming frustrations that we have.  I’m not sure its right yet either. But it will have to do.  A simple contact form, and a description of where and how to find us. We have set up a separate SHOP and have a range of social media links, which are easier to keep up to date with.  Our INSTAGRAM site has most of the pictures you’d want from the Wytham Studio and Hurst Street Workshops where we do our printmaking and ceramics.I’m keeping up to date with that.  The purpose of the POSTS section of the website is to get to grips with some of the longer bits of text I want to note down from time to time.