Scilly Map Project: How…?

diary: Monday 4th february 2019

“We’re currently printing off the Scilly Islands map series. When we’re done there will be fifty copies each of four different maps, each map consisting of three different colour layers.  This means experimenting on, and deciding on eight different background colours (two per map) over which the third black layer for each map is printed last.  This means cutting and registering, mounting, proofing and printing all these layers, then pulling the press 600 times – excluding the proof copies and practice runs, of course.”

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The Isles of Scilly Map Project: Why make Maps?

We sat talking and reading, and swimming out from a rock that juts from the sand at the base of the granite slipway running down from the gig-shed at Old Quay. The water on this side of the island is always warmer than on the other at Great Bay, which faces the open sea. As a child, the Old Quay on St Martin's is where I first swam.
Diary of Robin Wilson (Book LVI)
Thursday 28th June 2018

The Isles of Scilly Map Project

For those who don’t know, I should start by saying that the Isles of Scilly are an archipelago of five inhabited islands and hundreds of uninhabited and formerly inhabited islands off the Cornish coast, in southwest England. I have been visiting one of these – the island of St. Martin’s all of my life.

St Martin's Isles of Scilly 40cm x 30 cm linocut and metalblock, by Robin Wilson (2019)
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